The overall winner scoops up $1000 to spend at Brewshop!

It's no secret that home-brewers love beer. It's no secret that home-brewers try to clone commercial beers, lovingly tweaking the recipe until it's near perfect.

Imagine if you could get your hands on original recipes from actual breweries, scaled to home-brew batch sizes…

Imagine brewing a clone so good, it could fool the brewer…

This year, at Beervana, we are doing just that. We will put your clone beer, brewed from the original recipe, in front of the commercial brewer of that beer.

The brewer will blind judge all recipes with their own beer in the lineup. They will be trying to pick out their own beer, and the best clone recipe. If they pick your entry as their own then you have beaten the brewer and there will be celebrating!

Will you be good enough to beat the brewer?
Brewery Beer to clone
Funk Estate Sophisticuffs
Liberty Sauvin Bomb
Behemoth 6 Foot 5
Boneface The Darkness India Stout
Renaissance Elemental Porter

How it works

Entering the Beat the Brewer competition is pretty simple:
Step 1
Click here to enter. It costs $12 to enter a beer. Once you have registered for the competition we will provide the clone recipe for each beer you have registered to clone.   The awesome folk at Brewshop will give you a 10% discount on your brewing ingredients too.
Step 2
Get brewing! Once your beer is ready, securely label two bottles (of at least 330mls each) clearly with:
  • your name
  • the name of the beer you've cloned
  • your competition entry number
Step 3
Carefully package your beer and ship it to Wellington to arrive by 5pm on 7th August. We'll provide delivery details to all registered participants.

Sit back and enjoy the fun!
Entries to the competition are now closed. Judging happens live at Beervana this weekend, 9-10 August 2019.

Judging Timetable

Friday Session 1: 12:30pm North End Brewery's “Become the Ocean” Gose
Friday Session 1: 2:30pm Mussel Inn's "Captain Cooker” Spice Beer
Friday Session 2: 7:00pm Deep Creek Brewing's “Undercurrent” Pilsner
Saturday Session 3: 12:30pm Renaissance Brewing's “Paradisi” Grapefruit sour
Saturday Session 3: 2:30pm Fork Brewcorp's “Hyperlocal” Pale Ale
Saturday Session 4: 6:30pm Behemoth Brewing's “Freedom” APA
Saturday Session 4: 8:00pm Best of the Best winner announcement
OVERALL BEST CLONE WINS $1000 to spend at Brewshop!
Entries to the competition are now closed. Judging happens live at Beervana, August 2019.
Find out about all the PRIZES!

Terms & Conditions

The fine print:
  1. Registering for this competition will be considered as acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  2. All entries must be personally brewed, by the entrant, on home-brew equipment. Beer brewed at commercial breweries is not eligible for entry.
  3. Owners and employees of commercial brewing operations may enter this competition, but are not eligible for prizes if they are cloning a beer from the brewery that they work for. All entries must be home brewed.
  4. No entries will be returned whether received late or otherwise.
  5. All registrations to enter the competition must be made via the Beat the Brewer website.
  6. Each registration into the competition must pay the entry fee to participate. Entry is $12 inc GST.
  7. Each entry requires two bottles of the same beer for judging. 330ml is the minimum size.
  8. Each bottle must have an attached label identifying your name, cloned beer name and your entry number. It won't be possible to judge any bottles which lose labels in transit.
  9. The cut-off for receiving entries in Wellington is 5pm on 7th August. The shipping destination will be provided to all registered participants.
  10. The competition organisers are not responsible for any breakages, or for any entries that don't arrive by the closing date. Entry is entirely at your own risk.
  11. The entry fee is non-refundable.
  12. All beer entered becomes the property of BrewEvents Ltd.
  13. The selection of prize winners is at the discretion of the chosen judge of the clone competition. The judge's decision is final.

  14. In the event that a winning beer is disqualified, reasonable attempts  will be made to identify an alternative prize recipient.
  15. Any prizes described as vouchers are subject to the terms and conditions provided with the voucher.

  16. The maximum number of entries sold per clone beer is capped at 50.

  17. It is the entrant's responsibility to provide correct contact information, including shipping details, to ensure that prizes can be fulfilled.
  18. Prizes will only be sent to New Zealand residential addresses.
  19. It is at BrewEvents Ltd's discretion to publish the names of any winners of prizes.
We'll answer your questions and queries.
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